Here are some additional services available upon request:

Recycle Haul Away

We will fill as much as possible into a Rubbermaid bin and take it straight to Detroit's finest recycling center, Recycle Here. This one is very important to us, you can rest assured knowing your items will be recycled properly.

Doggie Duty

Detroit Sunshine has some animal lovers! We will walk with your pooch around the block, pick up the poo, and fill water dishes with fresh H2O.


Folding laundry can be so tedious and time consuming, and never ending!! Allow us. We will fold and put away or start from the first step.

Bed Making

We understand there are many steps to making a bed, and as much as we want you and your partner to bond over putting the duvet cover on… just let us do it. This way you can bond over a nice candlelit dinner instead.

High Dusting

Ever wonder what's growing on top of your book shelves, ceiling fans, and light fixtures? We wonder too. Won't you let us indulge ourselves?

Fridge Cleaning - Interior

We take EVERYTHING out!

Plant Watering

Not all of us have grandma's green thumb. Fear not. Detroit Sunshine does.


This one includes door frames and doors because if we can't see through it we might as well be able to see it's actual color.


Nothing brightens a room more than fingerprint free windows!

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